Accurate indeed

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Mi son svegliata con questa canzone in testa e il ricordo di me stessa, una me stessa molto piú giovane che cammina sola su una spiaggia. Non ricordo cosa stessi pensando, o esattamente chi fossi in quel momento. So che mi piace la me stessa di oggi, limiti, errori e difetti inclusi.

I woke up with this song in my mind, and a memory of a (much) younger me walking alone on a beach. Don’t remember what I was thinking then, or who I really was at that time. I know I do like my present self, flaws, mistakes and limits included.

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Verró meno a una delle mie regole, quella che ‘non si parla di Natale prima del 1 dicembre’. Questo spot va visto, perché é una storia vera e io per queste memorie di guerra, militari e tempi andati ho un noto debole.

I’m breaking a rule here (the ‘No Xmas talking before 1st December’ rule). However, it’s kind of a true story so this needs to be seen, now. Also, you know I have a thing for old stories, army and history.

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Because … Samuel L Jackson

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She’s her own woman

Just received this link …and this is why I love him:

Raised up a daddy’s girl went out into the big wide world
Has never needed anybody’s help

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“..I’ve got sh%t to do!”

A proposito di catcalling e street harassment, lascio la parola a Jessica Williams, meglio non so dirlo:

 “… our walk to work it’s not there for them to comment on, it’s not a red carpet, it’s a side walk and, believe it or not, getting the horny clap of approval from any guy does not improve my day, it actually creeps me out. So guys get some impulse control ’cause I’ve got some shit to do!”

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